Underground Group Information

If you are going to join this group and want chat right instantly, you must click on the group join board in the main store. A avatar will invite you to the group with chat rights. If you simply join the group via the group profile, you will not have chat rights in the group unless you contact us and request it.

Member Benefits:

* New Premium Group Gift every two weeks!

* Access to Group Gift Vendors – loaded with all sorts of goodies!

* Access to Group Discount Vendors – changed often!

* Access to Sneak Peak Items – Only announced in the Inworld Group so keep your notices turned on!

Underground Group Chat Policy

1. Do not spam the group with MM boards that are not on the Underground Sim. No club spam. Do NOT post a slurl to another SIM in the group chat. Group chat is for underground related topics, and general building questions. Do not use the Underground Group chat for promotion for your store, events or sales. 

2. If you have a problem with an item. Please contact the person you purchased the item from. Please don’t open group chat for these issues.

3. No Spamming the group with gestures.

4. Please do not post urls in the group chat. We do sometimes get people posting links in the group that are designed to phish for your information. We do not recommend clicking on a link in the group if its not from our website, or a Slurl to the store. Anyone found posting urls in the group , and we don’t know what it is, will have chat removed. Don’t take it personally, we are protecting our customers.

5. If you join the group and do not have chat rights, contact one of the owners if you would like chat rights.

6. No rudeness or name calling in the group. This includes ‘warnings’ about certain individuals that may or may not have done something to you or a friend. For example: A bot, griefer, scammer. by going into a group chat and posting names of people that may/or may not be up to no good is called defaming, and is barred from SL.

7. If anyone is found breaking the rules of the chat, their text will be muted by a moderator and the chat right will be taken. You will not be kicked from the group unless decided on by the owners.

8. If a inappropriate event occurs in the group, and there are no owners or moderators in the group at the time, please note card the situation, and send it to one of the owners.

9. If you choose to turn off your notices for this group. We still offer a subscriber system so you can still get information on new items and sales.

10. Customers are welcome to post in the group for the MM boards.. Please keep posts 15 min apart. If you consistently post less then 15 minutes apart, your chats right may be removed.

11. If you choose to not have chat rights, contact a owner of the group, and we can give you a special role to not receive chat rights any longer.

12. We do not offer refunds for joining the group. We do not offer the group for free. By doing so, it would not be fair to those that paid to join the group! Requests for  group refund will be ignored.

13. If you get caught breaking the stores Terms of Service, you will loose the group (without refund), and be banned from the store. Make sure you are following the stores Terms of Service.

12. Be Nice!