This TOS covers purchases sold by any of the creators at Underground. If you have any questions about this TOS, please read the “Popular Questions” section on the bottom of this page. If your question is still not answered, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Please read and understand this TOS. Anyone caught breaking it will be DMCA reported to Linden labs resulting in a possible fine or other punishments.

All items received falls under the following terms of service. Even if won in a contest, lucky chair, or MM.

By purchasing you agree to the following:

1. Make sure you are purchasing items for the account that you intended on selling the product on. Only the account that receives this product when the purchase is made has a license to resell it according to the terms.

2. You are NOT to sell or give away the original product to any other avatar account at full permissions. If you choose to alter a product the TOS still applies.
A. If you would like to share items with another Avatar you can apply for an Extended User License.
B. If you would like to transfer items to another grid please visit our Grid Transfer Page.

3. If you choose to resell products, they must not be both copy and trans.

4. You must comply with the pricing guidelines for Underground Products. You can not give items to friends or family as gifts. Minimum Price is 50L. However, if you are wanting to sellana outfit with multiple items, or want to sell the item with a texture HUD, you must follow the pricing guide HERE

5. We do allow you to use the product for promotions in your store. This includes Hunts, MM Boards, Lucky Chairs, and Bloggers. This does not include events that require you to give items to give gifts. We do not allow our items to be given away as gifts unless it is set as a group gift for your store group. We do not allow the items to be given away to your Club Visitors, Biker Clubs, Family Members, RP Sims ect.

6. You may give away items as a group gift provided you alter the product in a major way and the group is for your store only.

7. If you are wanting to participate in a event that requires you to sell items at a price lower then 50L, You must alter the product in a major way and you must apply for approval to do so on our website.

8. Advertisement images for the products are not to be used or altered for your own ads.

9. If you would like to create and sell textures for Underground products, you can join our Developers Team! Click Here for more information.



Popular Questions about out Terms of Service:

Q: Am I allowed to put my name and store name on the items?

A: YES! Please do! This is good for many reasons. It will help others to find your store, and helps promote your brand.

Q: Am I allowed to change the textures or create my own textures?

A. YES! You are not required to use the UG textures. We sell packs that do not include the textures and PSD for that very reason.

Q: Can I sell this item with the textures on it that came in the pack?

A: YES! If you purchase a item that has textures included in the pack you can sell them as is, right out of the box. You are not required to change the textures on the item to resell it. The only time we require the textures to be changed is if you are using it as a group gift or selling it at a event that requires the price to be lower then 50L (which you need to apply for anyways)

Q: I own a Role Play sim, can I give this item out as a gift to my visitors?

A: You are not allowed to give or sell items for less then 50L. However, you can give things as a group gift for your store, provided you are the owner of the group, and the item has been changed in a major way.

Q: Why do you have a price requirement when reselling UG items?

A: We understand that most of our customers purchase our items with the intent of reselling them. Some creators make items for fun, some creators have a business in virtual grids to make money. If you are a creator trying to make money, it would be very hard to make sales if another UG customer was giving away the item for free. We want everyone to succeed!


Q: Will I be able to transfer items to “Project Sansar” when it opens?

A: As of right now, No. There is a lot of speculation about changes to the way Sansar economy will run. There is a possibility that “Project Sansar” will have a different permissions system then what we are used to in Second Life and other grids. As of right now, we are not granting permission for our DAE files to be uploaded into “Project Sansar” until further notice.

If you have a question about our TOS, please message us in world. We are happy to answer questions.