We do not charge for the ability to transfer items between grids.

Some items that do not have dae purchase options in Second Life, may still have dae options to purchase at our store in the Inworldz Grid. 

We only require that you notify us of your intentions to share to your avi in those grids.

If you are wanting to take items purchased in one grid to another, please start by registering below on our website.

You will get a email with a private link. The link will take you to a page that you can let us know about all of the grids you would like to transfer items to.

All information is confidential. All TOS rules and guidelines are still to be followed in the extended grids.

We can not guarantee that our files will upload into all grids, and we do not go into other grids to upload the files for you.

Once you have filled out all the information on your registration page, you do not need to wait for confirmation for permission. You will be good to go ahead and work on your transfers.

If you ever want to transfer to another grid, you don’t have to redo the whole registration, just use the same link you got in your email to add new grids to your account.

If you register for a account with your email, and do not fill out the registration information you will be emailed at a later date to remind you to complete your registration.

You are allowed to transfer to ONE avatar in a alternate grid. If you are wanting to pass items to a Two or more avatars in a single grid, you need to purchase a Extended User Licence.

We do not allow grid transfers to the grid named CloneLife.

IMPORTANT!  There is a lot of speculation about changes to the way “Project Sansar” economy will run. There is a possibility that “Project Sansar” will have a different permissions system then what we are used to in Second Life and other grids. As of right now, we are not granting permission for our DAE files to be uploaded into “Project Sansar” until further notice.