A extended user license is used for business partners and alt accounts.

There are cases where there are multiple designers and builders with in a single store, company or shop.

A Extended user license allows those people to share Full Perm Items between each other for use of creating and selling in their shop under both names.

Example.. Jane doe and John Doe run a store together… Jane doe buys a sword.. and passes it to John Doe to sell it.

This would normally be a breach in the Underground TOS. But with the purchase of a Extended User License.. this will become legal.

All user licenses between 2 people is 10,000 Lindens.

Licenses are not reversible. Meaning.. if you agree to a license with someone, it remains…. forever.

You can only have 3 licenses with other accounts.


To Request a Extended User License CLICK HERE

Do not send any money at the time you submit your application. You will be contacted by the owner of the company upon review of the application.

Please Note:

All previous User LicenSe Sold for Strictly Evolutions Underground and Valentine Templates are still being honored for those business. However are not a replacement for a Underground License.

For example: If you purchased a Evolutions Underground License, but not a Valentine Templates License before the two companies joined, then your license will apply for items made and sold my Shake Krovac or Ghost Katana only. And vice versa.



QUESTION: If I have a license with someone, and they have a license with someone else, does that mean that i can sell the other person’s items also?

ANSWER: No. If you get a EUL with one person, you can only share items with that one person. If that person passes you a item they did not purchase them selves that would break our terms of service.