Because our items are full perm, we do not offer refunds on purchases.

We are not responsible for items purchased by mistake, be sure what you are buying is exactly what you are wanting.

No re-delivery for gift cards won from the MM or the Lucky Chairs. If you make a purchase using a gift card and it fails, try again. We will refund for the double purchase.

We will refund for a double purchases. We must have record of both transactions.

If there is an error with the product we will do our best to correct it in a timely manner. Simply contact the person you purchased the item from for assistance.

This does not include modifying the product to fit your personal taste, or to make rigged mesh items fit your avatar, we have demo’s available in the store for you to try before purchasing. Not all items are made for 5 standard sizes.

We try to help customers as best we can with uploading questions and issues. If you have registered for grid transfer of items, we can not guarantee that our files will upload into all grids.

All Template packs in our store are made for use with the SL avatar system clothing unless otherwise noted on the advertisement. We can not guarantee that our products will work with alternative avatars.

We do not assist with questions about how to modify the product in other 3D modeling programs. If you have altered a product, and are having trouble uploading the altered file into the grid, we can not offer support.

Midnight Mania Boards and Lucky Chairs – there is a re-delivery terminal in the store, if you don’t receive your item. We do not offer support for items that do not show on the re-delivery vendor system.

Raffle – If you were a raffle winner, and did not receive your raffle prize, contact the owner of the contest board. All raffle prizes are good for 90 days.

Group Membership – If you leave the group, and wish to rejoin. The fee still applies. No refunds are given for group membership.

If you are found to be breaking Terms of Service you will be removed from the group and banned from the store and vendors.